Monday, August 10, 2009

At Work - Intuitive Eating

Monday. Not my favourite day o'week, but I don't think its anyone's fav.

This is the test. Monday. Working on budgets. Will she succumb to the need for play food today, just to avoid eating? No, she did not succumb. Whoo hoo.

I instead turned to surfing the web when I wanted to distract from the work I really should have been doing. I wasn't hungry when I checked in with the ye old stomach. Nope, it answered despite me stating, if yer hungry I'll feed you whatever you want. Stomach replied that it was all good.

Seriously, I would have to say that I really did do well. When I felt like going to get a little snack, and realized all I was doing was avoiding work, the need for a snack went away.

What was also interesting was when I came home, I was quiet hungry. I had a snack and then waited until I was hungry again for dinner. I was alone tonight for dinner, so instead of plunking in front of the t.v., I sat at the dining room table and fought with the cat over my salmon burger. I gave in and kitty had a little bit, but for the most part, I was full and happy. Now the husband is eating two hours after me, and my desire to nibble a little of his dinner is zilch. I'm still full from my dinner and if I am not hungry, then I don't eat.

I'm moving this coming weekend, so that should be interesting.

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